BWT Vehicle Wash Concentrate


This product is available in 55 gallon quantity

BWT Vehicle Wash Concentrate


BWT – Vehicle Wash Concentrate: A thick highly concentrated liquid that

works well in hand or machine applications. High foaming and pH balanced.

BWT removes roadfilm without removing wax. Lubricating detergents for brush

washes. Creates large stable foam level that is also free rinsing.


For Hand Use: pour 1-3 ounces BWT in 5 gallon pail. Use water pressure to

create suds. Wash surface with soft cloth or wash mitt. Rinse with fresh water.

For Brush Wash or Foaming Arch: Premix with water or meter at 1/4 to 1/2

ounce per gallon of water. Should be diluted with 200-300 parts water.

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