Formula 5287 Truck Wash


5287 Truck Wash

This product is available in 90lb Box


An extremely versatile product for use in all vehicle washing applications. A blend

of high foaming surfactants, detergent builders, water softeners and soil

emulsifiers. Cleans glass, chrome and paint and leaves them shining. Penetrates

and dissolves road film, carbon, oil, grease and dirt. Use in wand wash systems,

touchless systems and automatic dispenser systems. Different dilution ratios allow

use as a presoak and foaming tire cleaner.


High pressure wand: 1 to 1.5oz. per gallon of water. Presoak: dissolve 20-40

pounds per 50 gallons of water. Further dilute at nozzle, 1-2oz. per gallon of

water. Hand washing: dissolve 1-2 ounces per gallon of water. Wear rubber

gloves and safety glasses.

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