RP-20FC Oil-Filter Crusher Work stand / Accommodates 5, 16 and 55-Gallon Drums – RP-20FC


This rugged metal stand is recommended for use with the Ranger RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher. The generous design accommodates used oil storage tanks ranging from 5 – 55-gallon sizes, even when positioned on top of drum dollies. At the same time, you’ll be delighted by the space-efficiency and safety this unit brings to your work area. Simply slide storage barrels beneath the stand and you’re done! The tanks are now ready to receive waste oil from the crusher’s downspout tube. It doesn’t get any simpler.
Rugged metal construction holds in excess of 230 lbs.
Designed especially for the Ranger RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher
Area beneath stand accommodates 5 – 55 gallon storage tanks or trashcans
Safely and efficiently keeps storage barrels out of the way
Easy to setup
Overall height: 42″ / 1067 mm
Overall width: 27-3/4″ / 705 mm
Overall depth: 17-3/4″ / 451 mm
Unit weight: 72 lbs. / 33 kg

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